Explore Neuroscience and Mindfulness at the 2015 Capital Coaches Conference

BrainScanHiResExplore Neuroscience and Mindfulness at the 2015 Capital Coaches Conference

If we know only one thing about The Future of Coaching, it’s that future coaches will be using many tools and techniques emerging from two parts of the human development spectrum:

  • advances in the field of neuroscience, and
  • ancient traditions from mindfulness practice.

The two go hand in hand. Discover how and why at the 2015 Capital Coaches Conference (CCC).

Amanda Blake, PCC, an author and Master Somatic Coach with a degree in Human Biology from Stanford, will show us how to make practical use of the latest neuroscience research in a pair of back-to-back sessions on the neuroscience of building emotional and social intelligence.

Doug Silsbee, PCC, author of The Mindful Coach and Presence-Based Coaching, will share an original coaching methodology that weaves together mindfulness, interpersonal neurobiology, somatics, and more to help leaders develop presence as a meta-competency.

Scott Eblin, PCC, will offer his insights on coaching clients to a mindful state as an author and coach who has made mindfulness an integrated part of his practice coaching rising and senior leaders in many well-known organizations.

And Teresa Kloster, ACC and Wendy Swire, PCC – mindfulness experts and co-authors of the newly released 2nd edition of Anytime Coaching — will bring it all together with an intriguing look at Coaching from the Nexus of Neuroscience and Mindfulness.

Get ahead of the learning curve. Register today for the 2015 CCC, Oct. 3-4, at the North Bethesda Marriott.