Will Coaching in Organizations Be a Part of Your Future Practice?

8-25 The surveys are out, the results are in, and the trends are clear. Coaching is changing the landscape in corporate and government organizations. What will those changes mean for your business? Find out in October at the 2015 Capital Coaches Conference.

We’ve assembled a stellar panel of subject matter experts to explore the state of organizational coaching today and peek into the not-to-distant future.  

Carol Goldsmith, CCC chair and panel moderator, will describe the Top 10 Trends that came from months of nationwide interviews, plus her time with PwC’s Leadership Coaching Center of Excellence.

Magda Mook, executive director and CEO of ICF Global, broadens the lens to discuss best practices and emerging trends in coach training, mentoring, and supervision around the world.

Beth Huebner, L&D Manager of Cisco’s Leadership and Intelligent Teams organization, tells us how she brought internal coaching into one of the world’s leading technology firms.

Dr. Theodora Fitzsimmons, who provides coaching and strategic thought leadership in the government defense intelligence space, shares her views and vision for coaching future leaders.

Dr. Amanda Buschi gives us an inside look at how Right Management vets and provides external coaches to many of North America’s largest firms as managing consultant for coaching.

Alan Myers, coach and manager of leadership & OD at HHS, describes how internal coaches are being trained across the federal government through the Federal Internal Coach Training Program.

Susan Hahn, founding president of ICF Maryland, shares the learning from a program that brought coaches and employers from the U.S. and Canada together to discuss Creating a Coaching Culture.

This is your chance to learn and contribute to the Future of Coaching in Organizations. It’s an unprecedented gathering. And it’s only at the 2015 CCC.