William Arruda

William Arruda

  • Motivational Speaker & Personal Branding Expert

A personal branding visionary, William Arruda has delivered more personal branding keynotes, to more people, in more places, than anyone else on earth—and he has the frequent flyer miles and state-of-the-art home studio to prove it! Over the past two decades, William has traveled globally and has been beamed into corporate headquarters and home offices worldwide to transform the working lives of professionals in dozens of market sectors. His proven personal branding process is highly sought after by those who want to amp up their success and happiness at work.William Arruda is a live and virtual keynote speaker on the topics of personal and digital branding. He believes that personal branding ignites potential and bolsters trust, loyalty and engagement between an organization and its people.

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Day 2 October 11, 2024
Day 1 October 10, 2024
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Lunch & Keynote